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Welcome home!

First, please take a look the basic view of the starting page:


Here's a quick introduction to the other features you see.


Return to your home page and Dashboard.

HINT: Want to know more about Dashboard? Find out here.

Surveys tab

By pressing the Surveys button, you can go to your survey collection. You can view, edit, share and analyze the surveys you have created and create new ones here. Please find tips and details about making a survey here.

Contacts tab

If you want to send personalized survey invitations to your contacts, this is the place to do it.  

HINT: How to publish a survey? Learn here.

Support Chat 

Having problems? Want to chat with us? Connect to our online service chat by clicking the chat icon. The chat is open during workdays from 8 am to 4 pm (UTC+02:00) for pro and enterprise plans. 



Account Settings

You can access your and your team settings as well as to the Help Center by clicking your name in the right upper corner.

HINT: Learn more about organization settings.

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