Dashboard - a useful shortcut for your needs

The Dashboard is the first view you'll see when you sign in to ZEF. You are prompted to add cards to your dashboard for quick access. This is purely optional, as you can continue using ZEF without activating your dashboard.


If you choose to add a card to your dashboard, you'll be given options to create shortcuts to

  1. your most recent surveys, or
  2. make a shortcut to quickly create a new one.


The card you choose will now be a part of your dashboard. You can rename or delete cards (by clicking the "..." icon on a card's upper right corner) or add new cards to your dashboard (the "+" bar on the bottom of the dashboard page).


So what does a card do? 

There are currently two kinds of cards: New Survey and Recent Surveys. The first serves as your shortcut for creating a new survey, and the latter shows you your most recent surveys for quick access.

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