Creating a survey

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Start building your survey by clicking Create a new survey on Surveys tab. You can either choose to use ready-to-use templates or create a survey from a scratch. In this article, we show how to create a survey from a scratch. After you have created a new survey, click Use this template below a heading Blank template.


Then give a name to the survey. That name is shown only for you - not for the respondents. After that click Create.


On the left-hand side, you can add a welcome card, create questions, question groups, and add results, which can be either a thank you screen or outcomes.


Welcome Card

The welcome card can be the first view respondents see when they start to answer to your survey. For example, that card can include instructions how to answer the survey.   Type in the title of your welcome card and add a body text of your choosing below the title. Note that you can toggle the visibility of the title to your respondents by clicking on the  /-icon. You can also add any text to replace the  -icon on the bottom. Your respondents will proceed to the actual survey by clicking the button.   

Question groups

If you are conducting a comprehensive survey, like an employee satisfaction survey, it’s a good idea to group your questions by topic. For an example, background information could be in one group. Next to the Add question button, there is a question group button. Clicking that will create a new group, and will allow you to add questions to that group.


Enter a group name and select your group type.


You can make modifications to the group settings at any time by clicking on the group name on the left. 

New Question

Click New Question to get started. A new, blank question card appears. Here’s what all the elements do: You can select the wanted question type from the left corner by pressing the arrow. Learn more about the different questions types here.  


Question Title

Give your question a title (i.e. write down the question/statement) simply by writing it in the Question title section.

You can always toggle the visibility of the question title to the respondents by clicking on the “eye” icon.  

HINT: Any changes are automatically saved, so there’s no need to look for that save icon! 

Changing the order of questions and question groups

You can move questions and question groups by clicking Na_ytto_kuva_2018-4-25_kello_9.05.40.png-icon on the question, which want to be moved. Hold the click and drag the object to the wanted location.  

Advanced settings

On the top right, you can find Advanced settings to modify your question card. Learn more about the individual settings of each question type at the respective question type page.   

HINT: Learn more and get tips about grouping here.