Exporting Data

You can export data from the ZEF tool as CSV and XLSX (Excel), PPTX (PowerPoint), DOCX (Microsoft Office Word) and PDF by clicking Export and choosing the desired format. You can read more about the different formats here.


You can export the reports including all the data collected (choose Raw data of all answers) or only filtered data (choose Current analysis summary). After you have chosen the data and the file format, press Create Export and the file is started to load.


After that click Download to download the file to your computer. You can delete the file by clicking Delete.

Different data export formats 

CSV file shows, for example, how the collected data divided between different options in a choice question. It also includes all the input text questions' comments. Different columns are separated by commas.  

PPTX is Microsoft Office PowerPoint document that includes, for example, data charts as pictures and comments.

DOCX is Microsoft Office Word document that includes, for example, data charts as pictures and comments from the evaluators.

XLSX includes the same data as CSV, but the data is divided into columns

PDF includes the same information as DOCX, but the file format is different.

HINT: When you download a CSV file as Raw data of all answers, you will get a CSV file, where on each row is one evaluator's answer.