Publishing the survey

When you're done with building and personalizing your survey, it's time to publish it and let the world (or a selected group of people) enjoy your creation.

In the upper right corner of your screen, you'll find the Review & Publish Button.


The following view will pop up:


Before you click Publish, check the tips under Survey Strength to make sure nothing critical is missing.  

After you have checked the list and made sure that everything is okay, click on the Publish button in the upper right-hand corner. The view will shortly be changed to this:



To start to collect answer data, copy the public URL to the clipboard and paste it wherever you like. You can also shorten the link using the many URL shortening services out there. Clicking the Copy public URL button will automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

You can also share your survey via email by clicking More sharing options. Learn here how to send email invitations to respondents. 

Updating the survey after publish

Sometimes it's necessary to make changes to the survey after it's already published (even though we do not recommend doing so). After you have made the changes, click the Review and Update button on the right upper corner. 


The following view will open:


To publish the changes, click Publish and the Version 2 Draft will change to status Online. The link to the survey will stay the same, and you can copy it for sharing by clicking See published link.