Input question types

Collecting feedback from your respondents can be useful, and sometimes necessary. Input question types can be found in the same drop-down list as the regular question types, under Inputs.


In fields that require the respondent to write something down, give a hint to the respondents for correctly filling out the field! This can be a text, like "please leave your number here".

URL, Email, Phone, Number

If you want to your respondents to write down a website URL (a homepage, for example), an email address, a phone number or any kind of other numbers, then these are the input types to use.

Input text

Sometimes it is useful or even necessary to collect feedback or opinions on a subject. Quite often, when one question group (subject) is at an end, general feedback on that question group is collected. 

Input texts are also useful when you want to engage respondents who have answered a previous question in a certain manner. For example, when a respondent has given his or her opinion a bit on the negative side, you might want to ask, how the topic can be improved. Of course, this also works in the opposite way!

The most popular way is to collect input texts at the end of your survey.

Note that you can change the input text type to long text by clicking this icon:


Long text generates a text area, where the character count is larger and the respondent can widen the text area. For Long text, you can set Character count limit by first choosing Long text and then clicking Advanced. Define the wanted amount of characters and click Advanced to get back to modify the question.  

Numeric dropdown

With a numeric dropdown list, you can create a dropdown list of numbers. Just choose the minimum and maximum values and then define the step size. 



The regular dropdown list serves as an alternative to choice questions. Write your options down and give a hint to your respondents, if you want.



Here's an example of how to utilize the checkbox:

After you have collected various inputs, like contact info, from your respondents, you might want to have that data at your disposal. Without a respondent's agreement, you may no longer be allowed to store and use their personal information. To overcome this issue, you can add a Checkbox to give the respondents a chance to allow you to use their personal data for further use. 




Don't forget that you can change the order of the questions by dragging and dropping the questions on the list.