Link Contacts to analysis

If you have selected the survey to be non-anonymous, you can connect the contacts and their information with their answers.

  • On the Analyze part, click three dots on the upper right corner and select Link Contacts to analysis.
  • Select then the properties you want to link with analysis.
  • We also suggest to select Create charts for imported properties, which creates new charts to help you investigate results further.
  • Then click import


  • After the properties have been imported, you can see the contacts and charts at the bottom of the analyze page, example below in the screenshot.
  • You can also see individual answers on Sheet view. This view can be selected on the right side of the Analyze part by clicking the Na_ytto_kuva_2018-8-8_kello_13.43.02.png  icon.
  • With these charts you can explore how different teams or groups have answered. Just click the group and the tool will show only answers that belong to that group.