Contacts contain the contact information that you have imported, and which you can use to send surveys. The same contact can contain an email, as well as a phone number. You can singular contacts to Zeffi, or you can create lists to group your contacts (For example 'Summer 2021 customer survey'-list).


The amount of contacts that you can import depends on your Zeffi license. You can check the amount of contacts you can use for surveys by checking your 'Plan & Billing' tab, found in your organization settings.



  • When importing contacts, you can import any background information you would want to use in analyzing reports (examples: Contact position, Contact company etc.)
  • You can create a integration with another application that you use. We offer a ready to go integration with Hubspot, but you can also create automations with Zapier, or our open API framework. More information is found at

Import data with ease:

  • Upload file: If you have created  (for example) an excel sheet that has all the data in columns, you can convert it to one of the supported data types in order to import the data.
  • Copy-paste from file: We recommend using this functionality for it ease-of-use. If you have a table with data that you wish to import, whether it be excel or a CRM program, you can simply copy paste the data and Zeffi will import it.