New share links

You can create new share links to filter evaluators in Analyze section based on the answer link. Different share links can be used, for example, when you want to share evaluators to different groups without asking an evaluator to tell the group they include in.

Read here how to use share links on report.

New share link can be created on tab Share.


Give a name and tags for the link, which can be used when analyzing the answers. Click then Create link.


After that copy the link by clicking Copy linkNa_ytto_kuva_2018-8-30_kello_8.18.17.png

Please be careful when sharing different links to different evaluators to make sure the evaluator gets the right answer link. It is also good to tell the evaluator, if they can forwad the link.

You can group evaluators also in this way: copy the default link on tab Share. Add # and a wanted word to the end of the link. The added word works as a hashtag in Analyze. For example, a link to an HR survey can include hashtags to group evaluators based on their department.

Hashtags can be added also to share links by adding # and a wanted word to the URL.