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Email invitation

Email invitation is a great way to connect with your respondents. You need a contact list to send invitations.

Email invitation is a great way to share your survey. Bring in contacts or connect your email invitation to a certain list where new list members shall get a survey invitation once they get to the list.

You can build a survey invitation from scratch or use a template. Your earlier invitations can be used as a starting point as well. 

Invitation text can be modified and you can also add pictures and other items by drag and drop menu on the right. You can also modify sender name used in the invitation.

Please note that survey invitation can be sent either to identified or anonymous respondents. Anonymity selection is done next to Send button.

Once ready, survey invitation can be sent right away, set to be sent on a selected time or automated to be sent to all new contacts on a contact list that you link to an invitation.