Integrate Zeffi easily to your CRM

Create a complete feedback loop to know how your respondents feel in real time. Send respondent data to Zeffi and bring it back enriched with fresh NPS or other data.

Zeffi can be integrated with HubSpot over native integration. Also Salesforce integration is coming soon. Integration with other systems is really easy via our rest API. You can see additional information and interface description on the developer website.

Are you interested in hearing more about the integration possibilities? Send us an email to and we will tell you more details about integrating your 3rd party system with Zeffi.


  • Zeffi integration is typically quite quick to build. Take a look at the interface description mentioned above or contact us and we will tell you more.
  • The integration works for e.g. for importing respondent data for the survey and exporting the answers back to CRM. In practice, a full feedback loop can be built this way.