Question conditioning/Logic flow

Based on the answers, you can determine which type of question will come next, when the respondent answers in a certain way.

For example, you have defined a question asking the favourite color, if the respondent answers blue, he moves to the question you have defined for that answer, and if he answers red, he moves to a different question when answering blue.






After that, you can go to the next question and if you want, this question can only be answered by respondents who answer the first question red.

It is good to setup the different options for your answers in its own groups, you can create a new group from Add group

If you want to assign this to people who have answered red, select "Show this question if ..."




Next, select the question and answer, which the respondent will move after answering in a certain way.

In the example case, question 1 and the red option is selected.