Analysis Options: Comparing Reports and Analyzing Trends

Compare Respondents


Compare two or more respondent groups' responses. To make a comparison you must first select one or more criteria that respondent group must fill. Then click Add to Comparison button on the top of the page. Repeat this to add as many groups to comparison as you wish. When you have formed all groups that you wish to compare activate groups from a right side panel. Now you can compare different groups' responses.


Tips: This is really useful feature as you can compare what ever you want! Try comparing different geographical areas, different time periods or different teams etc. Or you can select various criteria and for example have a comparison between responses in L.A. area in January and N.Y. in January. Or have a comparison between January and February answers in N.Y. to see how things are developing.


Trend analysis

Trend analysis gives you insights on how responses are changing over time. You can choose which interval is used in reposting, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.


Tips: Did you know that by selecting Three dots symbol on the Analyze page's top right corner you can compare responses from different surveys as well. This is very useful when you have made several surveys about same topic and want to import data to build a longer time series. For example you can import several Customer Experience Surveys and have all responses on one report.