Email notifications

The notification message can be set to output from each new response or only when certain conditions are met. You can add one or more conditions to the alert message, based on which the message is sent to the desired email.

A notification message allows you to receive an email notification of a new response or a summary of all responses from a new respondent. The purpose of the notification message is to assist in the internal processes of the organization so that the desired information can be obtained easily and quickly by the desired person.





Turning on the notification 

1. Select the survey you want and start editing the survey. You are now on the Build tab of the Editor.

2. Scroll down and select Add email notification

3. Add the required fields for the notification message (Title, Email Address, Message Content). If you want a reply containing all the replies from the respondent, please turn on the message Send respondent's answers in email

4. If desired, add the condition / conditions for the message to be sent in Set Conditions