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How to build a successful survey and collect high-quality data

Organizations strive to collect high-quality data about their customers, employees and other groups. There are several ways to collect data such as by monitoring people’s behavior, sending traditional and digital surveys, and also by collecting information from external sources.

Monitoring people’s behavior can be a practical way to collect data. However, when the data is collected, it requires a great amount of analysis and it doesn’t always reveal the real need or motive of the studied group. In addition to this, monitoring people’s behavior can encounter criticism. Compared to monitoring, approaching a group by addressing them with direct questions gives an opportunity to collect data about the real needs and motives of the group, regardless of the collection method. We all have some experience when it comes to different types of surveys.

We all have been respondents or maybe participated in the building process of a survey. But how many questions should a survey have? How do you formulate a good question? How can you guarantee that the quality of the survey is as high as possible? These are very common questions, which is why we collected our best tips into this guide. By exploring the tips in this guide, you will be able to design and build successful surveys and collect high quality data for further decision-making.

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