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Organization Settings

To share surveys with other ZEF Survey tool members, you need to set up an organization and invite other members to join. You can set up on an organization by clicking your name in the upper right corner and selecting Set up an organization.


The following view will open: 


On the tab Organization profile, you can name your organization and define the properties for your company. Later, the property information can be used, for example, in email invitations and when defining survey social sharing. 

On the tab Settings you can Invite people, who work in your organization. To invite someone, click Add people and type those email address who you would like to invite. Invited people will get an email with a link to the tool. 

Please note that if you have not named your organization before, you need to name the organization before you can make the invitation. 

HINT! If you have sent an invitation to your colleague, please ask him or her also to check the email's spam folder.