Results / Thank you screen

When you want to profile your respondents or engage them in a game-like quiz, you should try and add outcomes to your survey.

When you want to profile your respondents or engage them in a game-like quiz, you should try and add outcomes to your survey. When you utilize outcomes, not only will you get insightful data on your respondents, but you'll also reward them for taking the time to answer your survey. People usually want to know something about themselves, and this is the way to make it happen!

If you just want to add a thank you screen, choose the respective option from the drop-down menu:


Add an image, title and description text of your choosing to the thank you screen from the right-hand side of the builder view.

Adding outcomes

When you are done with the questions, select Outcomes under the title Results from the dropdown list. The first outcome is created automatically, which settings you can modify in the middle of the view. You can create a new outcome by clicking New outcome.


Outcome image

Add an image to the outcome by dragging and dropping, uploading from your device, searching from our vast built-in gallery or by pasting an image URL. The ideal outcome image size is 302x834px. 


Title and description

Type the name of the outcome in the Title field. When you want to elaborate the meaning of the outcome to your respondents, type the description of the outcome in the corresponding field.

Connecting outcomes to questions

By clicking on the Mapped questions tab, you can connect your outcomes to questions. You can do so by choosing the correct answers and/or answer ranges that connect to a specific outcome.

After you're done with one outcome, simply move forward to the next one by clicking New Outcome again from the left, or clicking Add outcome below your current outcome card.