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User roles

When you have invited users to your account you can modify the users' roles if needed. You can find the list of users by following these instructions:

  1. Click your name from the upper right corner
  2. Click the name of your organization from the menu
  3. Go to People - tab. Here you can see the roles of each user and change them if needed. 

Read more about different user roles below. 



is the main member(s) of the customer who manages the customer account. Every organization needs to have at least one owner. Owner is capable of making payments on behalf of the customer and update license or billing information. Owner can change roles of other users, and nominate another user to be an owner. Owner can see, edit, and delete all surveys made in organization. 


has extended rights. Admin can invite and change roles of users. Admin can see, edit, and delete all surveys done by organization's users. Admin can see basic information about license and billing, but cannot update license or billing information. 


has basic rights. Member can only see, edit, and delete surveys created by himself/herself, and surveys where they have received rights by other user. Member can only see basic information about the license in use.