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Visuals: Why people are more likely to take a beautiful survey

“Does a survey need to be beautiful and what does that even mean?”

Great question. Beauty is undeniably in the eye of the beholder, and surveys are not famously associated with glamorous high fashion design. After all, isn’t the purpose of a survey simply to function well and to get the job done? Of course, it is!

For starters, we are neurologically wired to appreciate beautiful things. Beautiful things and aesthetic experiences inevitably change our perspectives and state of mind.

Science says beautiful interfaces feel easier to use

There is some well-documented research backing up the fact that people are more likely to be positive and open-minded towards a UI (user interface) that looks good, and that people actually find good-looking things easier to use.

How can a survey be beautiful?

In the case of surveys, beauty is all about the factors that not only make the presentation look good, but that also makes it easier to understand, follow and complete the survey.

Structure and clarity is still king

With all this talk of beauty, it is important to remember that if the survey itself is poor, then the most beautiful survey in the world is useless. Maybe you have a great layout and clear use of fonts, but if your questions are confusing, the focus is messy and there was no research on the target group, then it is safe to say that your survey will always be a flop even if the aesthetics are stellar.

Five design tips for your next survey

1. Aesthetic, minimalist design
2. Page layout with purpose
3. Hierarchy of fonts
4. Usage of color and texture
5. Consistency and standards

Did we get your attention? Want to learn more? Read the full text with fleshed-out design tips from our blog post.